Your web browser COOKIES should be ENABLED and not deleted by you or a security software. Your priority access is stored in a cookie. So if this cookie is deleted your priority access is not activated.
ATTENTION: If you are constantly logged in the site you have to relogin the chat every 24 hours to refresh your priority access rights.

My Priority Access is Not Valid:

It means your Priority Access may have expired. You should have received an email when it expired but if you did not please check your account.

How to Renew my Priority Access:

If your Priority Access expired you need a new Priority Access code. Click Here to Subscribe

How to Cancel my Priority Access:

If your Priority Access code begins with "VRT" or "VRG" please contact VEROTEL else CCBILL

What does the Charge Show up as On the Credit Card Bill ?

To protect your privacy, any charges will discreetly appear as:
"CCBILL" or "WWW.VTSUP.COM / VEROTEL" on your credit card statement.

Other Priority Access Support:

In order to retrieve your access info. please type your First and Last Name in your chat message to :

Contact Profile: WEBMASTER
or webmaster(at)


I Uploaded a Picture and got an Error:

It is probably because the picture file size you uploaded is too big. For a web use it is not necessary to have a big picture file. Please resize your photo (450 pixels maximum in height and/or width) and save them as JPG.
PC users you can download a freeware image utility to do that :

I Changed my main Profile Picture but I still see the Previous one:

It can be one of the following:
- Your new main picture doesn't show your face clearly, please upload a new photo following that rule.
- Your Browser kept your previous picture in its cache memory. Display your full profile and select "Actualise" or "Refresh" it's a choice menu of your browser. It will force your browser to actualise its cache and you should see your new picture

Can I Create More Than One Profile ?

No, that is not allowed.


I've got the Same Chat Message over and over ?

It comes from your Internet Browser which displays the same content it has in its memory. The solution is to clean your browser file cache, close your browser and reopen it. It should solve the problem.

I Don't Want to Receive chat Messages from a Member, how to Ban someone?

Look at the bottom of the message you received, there is a link to ban the sender of that message. The banned member will not know you banned him.

By Mistake I Banned Someone, how to Unban ?

The members you banned are located in your contact list. Open the "Refused" folder by clicking the arrow, your banned members will be listed and you can delete a member you banned.